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역내 달러/위안 하락..고시환율 30개월래 최저

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상하이, 12월28일 (로이터) - 역내 달러/위안, 한산한 거래 속
하락..고시환율 30개월래 최저

* 한국시간 오후 1시 현재

Item Current Previous Change
PBOC midpoint CNY=SAEC 6.5236 6.5333 0.15%
Spot yuan CNY=CFXS 6.5303 6.5412 0.17%
Divergence from midpoint* 0.10%
Spot change YTD 6.63%
Spot change since 2005 revaluation 26.74%

Key indexes:

Item Current Previous Change

Thomson Reuters/HKEX C 95.21 95.33 -0.1
NH index
Dollar index 90.177 90.201 0.0

*Divergence of the dollar/yuan exchange rate. Negative number in
dicates that spot yuan is trading stronger than the midpoint. Th
e People's Bank of China (PBOC) allows the exchange rate to rise
or fall 2% from official midpoint rate it sets each morning.


Instrument Current Difference fro
m onshore
Offshore spot yuan CNH= * 6.5211 0.14%
Offshore non-deliverable forwards CNY1YNDFOR= ** 6.6756 -2.28%

*Premium for offshore spot over onshore CNY=CFXS
**Figure reflects difference from PBOC's official midpoint, sinc
e non-deliverable forwards are settled against the midpoint. Y=SAEC>.

* 원문기사 (문윤아 기자)


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